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Dental Implant Restorations

If you've had dental implant surgery, our team at Emerald Park Dental Clinic can finalize the restoration by fitting you with an artificial tooth.

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Dental Implants, Emerald Park Dentist

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A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is anchored into the jaw bone. The implant is made from titanium, and its screw-like shape helps it stay in place by providing more surface area for your jaw bone to bind with. A prosthetic tooth, such as a crown, is then permanently secured to the metal implant.

Dental implants fill in the gap caused by missing teeth, helping to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting. They also introduce new tooth roots to the jaw, which can help prevent the loss of jaw bone volume and strength.

If you need a dental implant, our team will refer you to an oral surgeon to perform the first step of the procedure. After your recovery, you will return to our office where you'll be fitted with a tooth replacement.

Can Anyone Get a Dental Implant?

Not all patients are candidates for a dental implant. You must be in good general and oral health to be a good candidate for this procedure.

Patients who are undergoing cancer treatment, or those with uncontrolled diabetes or gum disease, may not qualify for implants. These medical conditions can affect whether the dental implant can be secured to the jaw bone, and can also affect post-op outcomes.

The Dental Implant Restoration Process

A dental implant procedure will typically span over two or more visits and is suitable for replacing a single lost tooth or multiple missing teeth.

Once you have completely healed from the surgery, generally three to six months after the procedure, you will return to our office to complete the restoration.

The restoration part of the process involves the artificial tooth (or teeth) that is permanently secured to the dental implant. Depending on the number of implants placed, your restoration could be an individual crown, a bridge, or a full denture.

The fitting process for the artificial tooth or teeth will happen over a few appointments. We'll take impressions to help create your false tooth, and you may require multiple fittings to get the perfect fit.

Dental Implant FAQs

Read the answers to our most frequently asked questions about dental implants at Emerald Park Dental Clinic.

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